How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Case in Texas


Texas criminal defense attorneyIn today’s world, it is nearly impossible for some people to refrain from using social media. If you have been charged with a crime such as DWI, or are under investigation, it’s important to understand the impact your Internet activity can have on your case.  

What your social media activity tells law enforcement

Police have set their eye on social media in recent years. If you have a social media account, anything you post is public domain. That means police can easily use this information to build a case against you. This can include:  

  •  Incriminating photos and videos 
  • Incriminating posts and comments 
  • Your location before, during or after the time you have been suspected of committing a crime 
  • Other suspects or witnesses you may be affiliated with 

If you are under investigation, law enforcement may also execute a search warrant to search your phone and other electronic devices. Even if you delete your texts, photos and social media posts, police may still be able to extract them.  

How viral posts can lead to a conviction

Law enforcement officers may not only scrutinize your social media activity, but also find incriminating evidence from viral posts shared by others. Even if you delete a post involving illegal behavior, your posts may have been shared by others. 

In a North Carolina animal cruelty case, three suspects reportedly mutilated a cat and posted pictures of their crime on Instagram. A woman who saw the post reported it to police, who were able to catch the three suspects and charge them. 

But suspects themselves don’t always have to use social media to get caught. In many cases, photos and videos of a crime have gone viral on social media and have helped police identify and catch suspects. 

Stay off social media and remain silent

Whether you are under investigation or you have already been charged with a crime, it’s important to remain silent. Anything you tell law enforcement officers, or any clues you leave behind, can later be used to convict you in court.  

If you are arrested for DWI or another charge, you should consult with an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Amanda Webb – DWI Attorney knows how to build a strong defense and will aggressively fight for your rights. 

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